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Talent Features

Talent Features

Automate your Talent Acquisition and Management Procedure for a Seamless HR workflow

Ledger Payroll’s Talent Acquisition management service is entirely online, mobile-optimized, and user-friendly. It provides visibility into every step of the onboarding process for admins. With Ledger Payroll’s Talent Acquisition management service, you are just one step away from streamlining the process of attracting, finding the perfect match, and bringing onboard the very best talent for your business while making the life of your recruitment professionals easier.

Hire and Retain Top Talent with Ledger Payroll’s efficient Tools and Best Practice


Talent Benefits
  • Applicant Tracking:

    Our cloud-based hiring platforms are completely universal and optimized for use on any smartphone, tablet, operating system and browser that makes it easy to hire, track, and manage applicants.

  • Paperless Onboarding:

    Automate the onboarding process, store electronically signed paperwork and policies, e-Verify employee background, and manage information electronically to the payroll system. 

  • Integrated Onboarding Software:

    Our onboarding software is integrated with Payroll, Benefits, and Scheduling to simplify your HR workflow. 

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