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End the Paperwork! Automate Your Benefits Enrollment Program

Ledger Payroll offers a fully automated and user-friendly UI to simplify and expedite the benefits enrollment process, right from enrollment to reconciliation. Leverage our integrated platform to ease your compliance burden, streamline deductions and open enrollment process, set up reminders for enrollment completions, and communicate life events and changes to employees to help them make critical benefit decisions.

Navigate benefits from a single database that is synchronized with other workforce management platforms like HR and Payroll. Our Configurable and shareable dashboards keep you updated with every aspect of employee benefits administration.

Eliminate Enrollment Errors & Complexity with our Web-based Enrollment and Benefits Management Solution


  • Simplify Benefits Enrollment

    Easily setup various benefits plans, new carriers, enrollment periods, eligibility etc.

  • Integrated carrier connections

    Establish automated connections to all partner carriers to ensure on-time communication and reach.

  • Benefit Cost Comparison

    Allow parallel comparisons of benefit costs to help employees make informed decisions.

  • Enrollment Support

    Provide 24/7 support and access to all kinds of benefits offerings and organizational settings

  • AI-Powered

    Show real-time demographic data to realize the outcome for the various claims, highlighting the best-fit options

  • Employee Self Service (ESS)

    Allow employees to access and utilize their benefits programs from anywhere




Ledger Insurance Agency Inc is an affiliate of One Stop Payroll Inc dba Ledger Payroll. All insurance products will be offered and sold only through Ledger Insurance Agency Inc, its licensed agents, or its licensed insurance partners. 620 Contra Costa Blvd, Ste 205, Pleasant Hill, CA 94523. CA Ins. Lic #0F04198 

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