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Streamline Workforce Management

Ledger Payroll’s human resources management system encompasses the entire employee life cycle in an organization, from hire to retire. With Configurable reporting, data at-a-glance, and totally paperless HR procedures, your HR team can now function more efficiently; boosting productivity, strengthening the company culture, and improving the overall employee well-being.

Ledger Payroll provides a centralized database to store and utilize all employee data. This helps your HR team track and analyze certifications and licensing expiration dates, training requirements and facilitation, and access compliance and OSHA incident reports in a few clicks. We provide both the technology and the people expertise to help your HR leaders deal with present day employment challenges successfully.

Empower your HR to do more!


  • Simplified HR

    Track and evaluate new hires, former employees, and other applicants. Send customized offer letters and manage full-time employees, contractors, freelancers, and more

  • Salary and Assets Management

    Manage employee salaries, benefits, assigned company assets, education, and improve compensation practices to hire & retain top talent

  • Employee Self-Service

    Allow employees to fill and validate their personal information. Seek employee feedback & participation in development and wellbeing activities

  • Performance Management

    Track & manage training needs of employees. Facilitate promotions based on performance reviews, one-on-one meetings and employee achievements.

  • Records management

    Maintain employee records, organizational charts, company directories and more. Share employee data between all departments.

  • HR On-Demand

    With HR On-Demand, our goal is simple: help you solve your HR challenges with clear, straightforward guidance from a team of certified HR Advisors. You'll get live advice when you need it, so you can protect your business.

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